Thursday, October 10, 2019

Eurhythmics for Artificial Intelligence

How can one EXPERIENCE complexity? In what ways can/might one interact with new intelligences? What are the possible societal impacts of these technologies? And In what ways can our bodied understanding of experience inform or aid in these burgeoning technologies of Artificial Intelligence?

I am spending a few days learning and thinking about these questions while hanging out with researchers exploring the forefront of intelligence in complex human-artificial and digital-physical ecosystems. (!)

I was invited to come to the DESFORM2019 conference and offer the workshop “Soma Literacy of AI” (i.e. Eurhythmics for Designers) and tomorrow I will present a paper, “A Pedagogy for Noticing—Soma literacy and the designer”.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Virginia Symphony Chorus

Such a great time with a super group of dedicated musicians! Thanks to Maestro Robert Shoup and the singers of the Virginia Symphony Chorus! We had a wonderful two evenings of music–movement–learning–collaboration. It was a real joy to work with you all.

I was also humbled to learn of the amazing work that Robert is doing with the Norfolk Street Choir. The NSC "envision[s] a caring city where vulnerable persons are encouraged and affirmed through the arts." They work with people in various forms of housing insecurity and provide services and community in a joyful, affirming and safe environment.

I was so impressed with this initiative. I hope everyone will click on the links below and consider making a donation to this most impressive and critical service.

Norfolk Street Choir website

Emmy-winning feature on PBS affiliate:

National Association - hosting our first conference in Atlanta in January: