Monday, February 11, 2013

Louisville, KY, February 8-9, 2013

Kentucky Music Educators Association, All-State Conference

Louisville was busy! I taught two sessions at the All-State conference. Each session had about 80 people of all ages and backgrounds. We walked and clapped and stretched and sang. We smiled and held hands and partnered and made small groups and large groups. We talked about the power, responsibility, joys, and challenges of the teacher/artist. I made some very nice friends who I hope will be able to make the trip to Pittsburgh this summer. 

After my last session, I was able to sneak into the Kentucky All-State Choirs Concert. It was so interesting to see how this state organizes it. They have 3 all-state choirs. SSAA, TTBB, and SATB. They all sang very well and looked to be having a delightful time. 

Maybe next time my lovely wife will be able to join me. 

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